The adventure of a lifetime... but whose lifetime?


An interactive virtual reality series, Wanderer re-invents the greatest stories and adventures from some of the most iconic moments and civilizations in time.


Set in a world 30 years in the future, you’re plunged into a twisted labyrinth through the ages that will see you help some of history’s most lauded adventurers, revered inventors, daring explorers, and valiant leaders. Begin your journey and become a part of world history.




Travel through time

Endowed with ‘memory’, artifacts from historical events allow you to delve deep into puzzling rabbit holes from fragments in time.

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Relive history, become part of stories from bygone eras.


Take part in some of the world’s most significant moments by playing a pivotal role in defining their outcomes, all while unraveling an intertwined mystery that will keep you coming back for more.


Wanderer is an adventure like no other. It re-imagines the way we interact and engage with the history of the world. By experiencing first-hand what it might have been like as an active participant in historical events we could fundamentally change the way we perceive history.



A VR time travel adventure series.

Wanderer is a joint collaboration from multi-award winning developers. Oddboy & M Theory are the perfect synergy of storytellers, artists, and engineers working together at the frontier of virtual reality to define immersive storytelling through gaming.